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In this section we are going to share with you different resources about how to incorporate Spanish at home on a daily basis, and the benefits that come with exposing children to a second language.

Children are eager learners! They are made to learn languages. They learn through play and exploration. They have an innate eagerness to learn and their brains are capable of acquiring any language. The significant age for language acquisition is from birth to seven years old.

The younger children are, the easier they will be able to separate and identify the sounds of different languages. Children who are exposed to another language at a young age are more likely to expand their opportunities in life as adults.

Young children like to explore, see, taste, and touch in order to learn something. At this age, children need concrete examples to learn; their attention span is short and they are full of energy. With that in mind, we designed an early childhood program to teach Spanish to infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and young school-age children.

Our curriculum meets children’s needs according to their age and learning style. Our programs provide children a fun and meaningful learning experience. In each class we encourage students to participate using all their senses, by giving them a variety of ways to experience Spanish.

Learning a second language enhances the development
of the whole child. Children who are exposed to a second language benefit their social-emotional development, cognitive development, thinking skills, and communication skills.

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