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How can you incorporate Spanish at home?

There are many ways to help children be exposed to a second language. It is easier when one or both of the parents speak a language other than English. If this is the case, children can learn two languages simultaneously because they interact with speakers of both languages. However, if English is the only language spoken at home and you want your child to become bilingual, it is still possible.

Here are some tips and resources that will help you to incorporate Spanish at home in a daily basis:

  • Listen to music in the language you want your child to achieve.
  • Learn vocabulary and use it in context. For example: learn some names of food and use them when you are eating lunch or dinner.
  • Count in Spanish. First from one to ten. For example, you can count cars when you are driving to school.
  • Play fun games or activities where you can use Spanish. For example, play Simon Says.
  • Take your child to places where people speak Spanish. For example: restaurants and stores.
  • Make a trip to the country of the target language.

You do not have to be fluent in Spanish to reinforce Spanish at home; however, you will have to be very intentional about creating opportunities to use Spanish in context and make it fun so your children are excited to learn.

Also, explaining why it is important to learn another language is important for children to be motivated. If they see you motivated to learn Spanish or another language they are going to be motivated too. Take the initiative to learn Spanish and they will follow you.

Remember, two aspects are very important to learn a second language: exposure and need. If children are exposed to a second language in different circumstances and with different people, they will feel the need to use that language.

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