We started our Fall semester on September 17th, we are half way. Children form 12 months old to 8 years old are learning Spanish through our parent-child classes and full immersion drop off classes. Students have been learning Spanish vocabulary about farm animals, prepositions, fruits, and simple sentences in Spanish. They are leaning though games, songs, puppets and dramatic play. One of their favorite games is SEMAFORO (traffic light) children learn they have to stop (parar) on rojo/read, wait (esperar) on amarillo/yellow and go on (seguir) on verde/green.

In order to learn a foreign language three factors are essential; listening to the language, the repetition and association of the words and the interaction with someone that speaks the language fluently.  Parents can continuously work on having their children exposed to Spanish at home and when they come to our classes we offer them the complete set adding interaction through reading aloud, games, songs, and hands-on activities.

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